Gondogoro Pass Charaksa and Chogolisa Glaciers.
Gondogoro Pass Charaksa and Chogolisa Glaciers.

Follow the east bank of the Huhse river alon a flat, easy path through fields of barley and peas, then turn east to follow the Charaksa river through scrubland and sparse willow woods to odongstan. A further hour takes you past the unction of the Gondogoro and Charaksa rivers, across a food wooden bridge to Shaitcho, This is the traditional first camp, at about at about 3400 m set in a forest of juniper, cedar and willow tress, with gaint bushes of wild roses and the good water supply.About 100m upriver form the bridge on the south bank of the Charaksa there is a fresh spring that is good fro washin as it is cleaner than the river not as cold .At Shaitcho the Charaksa valley joins the Gondogoro.
For this season we recommend that all members of the group use climbing Helmets. In ideal conditions trekkers have cross this pass without using any technical climbing equipment. Howerver Karakorum Gudies Treks and Tours advise/ recommend that all team members are equipped with strong footwear, Suitable crampons, and an ice axe. .For more information and details contact us at: info@karakorumguides.com

Zone: Restricted

Level: Strenuous

Length : 6 to 9 days (about 50 km

Height : 5585m

Month: Mid July to Septermber