Swat Valley Tours – Switzerland of Pakistan
Swat Valley Tours – Switzerland of Pakistan

towering mountains, rushing streams, ice cold lakes, fruit orchards and flower-filled slopes are

some of the gifts nature has bestowed upon this Ancient land.

In the North, mountains rise and squeeze the river. Pine forested snow-capped peaks are

dominated by 5918 m high Falaksair. Swat offers some of the best trekking and fishing sites.

The region has been a fairly civilized place for 35 centuries and its archaeological sites range

from prehistoric caves to Aryan to Buddhist, Hindu Shahi monasteries. Buddhism flourished

(550B.C -200 A.D) and swat boasts of having more than 1200 monasteries at one time. Its

valleys were invaded time and again by war horses and bone chilling clash of swords and

shields. It is the land where great generals of the world like Alexander, Great Mughals Babar

and Akbar fought their battles of conquest. It the land that was desired, admired and loved

equally well by saints scholars, spies, artisans and kings. This lovely mountain-region is now

well connected with other parts of the country by air and by road. Swat museum offers

interesting antiques of the Gandhara period. The real beauty of swat region is in its upper

valleys, Kalam, Mataltan, Mahudand, Atror and Gibral. No doubt there is a lot explore in the

beautiful swat.


Day 01: Drive to swat via motorway en-route visit Takhtbhai. Overnight at Hotel.

Day 02: Full day visit Malamjaba and white palace, and city tour of Mingora swat.

Day 03: Drive to kalam. Overnight kalam

Day 04: Jeep safari to Mahaudan lake. Overnight kalam.

Day 05: Drive back to Saidu Sharif en-route visit Maidam.

Day 06: Drive back to Lahore en-route visit Hund.