Kaghan Valley Tours
Kaghan Valley Tours

Kaghan Valley is the most beautiful and picturesque 160 kms long valley embraced by lower

Himalaya hills covered in forests of huge Himalayan pines. The 4173m babusar pass at its head

was the only link to Northern areas from rest of Pakistan until the Karakorum highway was built.

One of the country’s most popular holiday spots, the area offers best trekking trails, light walks,

fishing and family outings to its spectacular lakes and flower filled hill sides. The main attraction

of kaghan valley is Naran. This town is situated on the bank of Kunhar River at an altitude of

2498m at a point where the valley widens. The river is wider and quieter here. The famous lake,

saiful-malook is 10kms from Naran at an altitude of 3500m.The lake provides an excellent view

of the Malika parbat 5290m.

Top tourist Attractions in Kaghan Valley


Situated on the lush green plateau, Hill station Shogran is located 66 kilometers from the Naran

Valley and 34 kilometers from Balakot at an altitude of 2362 meters and 7749 feet. Shogran is

the first place while traveling to the Naran valley and spending a peaceful time in the woods of


Siri Paye

Shogran has the major tourist attraction sight at an altitude of about 10,000 feet; Siri Paye can

be reached a beautiful jeep track passing through the dark wood of Shogran. Siri paye is the

lush green meadows with the wild flowers and beautiful views around. Travelers can also enjoy

the horse riding in the meadows.


Kaghan is a beautiful valley on the bank of River Kunhar about 22 kilometers from Naran valley

in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The destinations is still one of the famous tourist

resort sight in Kaghan Naran while traveling to Naran for the travelers to spend the night with

the beautiful views of valley sitting at the bank of River.


Best traveling destination and hill station at an elevation of 2409 meters, Naran has become the

main traveling sight for last few years now and a huge number of tourists visit this beautiful

valley with their friends, families and special ones to have best time. It has many different places

to offer travelers to visit while traveling to Naran.


Lalazar is one of the beautiful sightseeing locations in Naran Kaghan about 21 kilometers from

Naran Valley. The lush green plateau surrounded by the the dark forest can be reached by the

muddy jeep track from Batakundi and spend some time to see the nature surrounded by the

lush green and white mountains and dark forest with the beautiful views of Naran Valley through

the top.

Saif ul Malook Lake

One of the major tourists sight in Kaghan Naran, Saif Ul Malook Lake is a lake with fairy tales

located at the distance of One hour jeep Track from Naran Valley with an elevation of 10577

feet. The lake is the source of water for river kunhar. Every traveler visiting Naran kaghan must

visit this mountainous lake surrounded by beautiful white mountains and also by the mighty

Malika Parbat Peak (Highest mountain in Naran Kaghan).

Lulusar Lake

Main water source for the river Kunhar, Lulusar Lake is located on the beautiful way to Babusar

Top about one hour distance by car. The lake is situated at height of 11,200 ft above sea level

and one of the beautiful lakes in Naran Kaghan region.

Dudipatsar Lake

Lake encircled by the beautiful Snow Clad Mountains at an elevation of 12,500 ft, Dudipatsar

Lake is known to be the Queen of the Lakes in Kaghan Naran region of Pakistan. Because of

the Snow covered peaks around, lake was titled as Dudipatsar lake as the name means “White

Mountains lake”. This lake can be reached by the hiking trail of 18 km starting from the Besal in

Naran Kaghan.

Ansoo lake

The lake named as Ansoo Lake means “Tear Lake” based on the Shape of Lake as Tear

Shaped Lake at an elevation of 4,250 m near the mighty Malika Parbat of Himalayan Range.

This small but the beautiful lake with amazing views can be reached by hiking trail of 3 and half

hours starting from the mighty Saif ul Malook Lake. One should visit it at least once to see one

of the highest lakes in the beautiful heights of Himalaya.

Pyala Lake

An unknown lake on the way towards Lulusar Lake and Babusar top, Pyala lake is located in

Jhalkand at the distance of 50 kilometers from Naran. This lake is named as Pyala because of

the round shape of Lake.

Babusar Pass

The last point of Naran Kaghan region at 4,173 m above sea level, Babusar Top is the main

tourist attraction in Naran Valley. Babusar Top connects Naran valley to the Karakoram highway

make it reachable to Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Babusar is the most famous sightseeing

destinations for the tourists to visit in Naran valley because of the different views around like

Lush green and white mountains and plains and streams. One should visit this beautiful

destination while traveling to Naran Valley.


Day 1 Welcome to Islmabad International Airport. Transfer to Hotel.

Day 2   an interesting drive to shogran in kaghan valley.overnight at Hotel.

Day 3  jeep safari to sri paye. shogran overnight Hotel .

Day 4  Drive to Naran. overnight naran.

Day 5 jeep safari for babusar pass. overnight Naran.

Day 6  visit lake saful muluk and Ansoo lake.over night Naran.

Day 7  Drive back to Lahore.